Maaf sudah di pesan

Don’t judge if you don’t know what’s going on…

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You can’t hide something forever

StatueThere are three things that we can’t hide; the sun, the moon and the truth. ~Buddha~

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Alone, but hopefully not lonely…

Alone but hopefully not lonelyAlone is a choice, lonely is a condition. Sometimes we need some time all alone, but we never be able to be lonely even just for sometimes.

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Free to ride, ride to free

Morning RideTo ride is a freedom, freedom to enjoy journey, freedom to enjoy nature and freedom to grateful for what we’ve been accomplished on our journey.

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Taman Sari, the silhouette of heritage

IMG_0422Life sometimes is just like a silhouette. We can’t see the detail, we only know the outline. But if we pay attention quite enough, the outline is enough for us to see what shadow hide from the light.

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Jogja Air Show Prangtritis – Parangkusumo 2013

Paraglider landing positionJogja Air Show (JAS) this year enlivened approximately 250 participants from various regions in Indonesia. This show held on February, 8-10, 2013.

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Festival Gerobak Sapi Jogja 2013

Festival Gerobak Sapi Jogja 2013Jogja, the city of culture, education, art and many names for this one small city. One of the advantage living in Jogja is the amount of festival that countless. One of the recent festival was an ox cart festival. Ox cart already scarce to be found. Therefore, to preserve its existence, the government of Yogyakarta held an ox cart festival in june, 16, 2013.

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